With a love of creative arts in general, Robert Dansereau’s eclectic style lends itself nicely to Earthly Image Photography’s portfolio. A single word that describes past, present and future projects would be “dynamic”. Moving with and adapting to the ebb and flow of life’s ever changing world. While specializing in the creation of landscape and seascape fine art decor, Robert’s innate enthusiasm towards all things photography ensures a mastery of craft though experience while enjoying photographic versatility. We hope you enjoy these works in progress.

12x30 Tall
I was asked for a custom print size with a 5:2 aspect ratio. My initial thought was; “oh, a panorama, nice!” I couldn’t have been more wrong. This project calls for a 12×30 inch, tall print. This custom print size project is my first go at attempting “tall” landscapes. The funny thing is the more I envisioned [tall] while composing new and cropping existing images, the more I enjoyed deviating from the typical 3:2 aspect ratio.
Blackstone River Valley National Park
How nice would it be to live next to a national park? Before December of last year there were fifty-nine areas protected by the United States known as national parks. Relatively few people are fortunate enough to live close to these alluring parcels of land. Instead, most of us spend hours driving or flying to visit and enjoy these great areas.
Equine Photography
“Capturing the right moment, the perfect lighting, surroundings and having the cooperation of the subjects (who happen to be two horses) could indeed be challenging! But Bob never looked back”.
My love affair with New England lighthouses continues to flourish.
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