Calm summer morning, Warm air still with ocean's smell, A lighthouse appears
The wind blows harder, As waves crash against the rocks, The lighthouse stands strong
Built of brick and stone, The ocean tries to claim her, The mighty lighthouse
Waves crash into rocks, Current pulls away debris, Temprorary life
Look towards the sea, Sun setting low in the west, Waiting for the night
An old broken fence, Drawing a line in the sand, Dunes surround the light
A beacon of light, Lighthouse lovers favorite, A clear summer's night
The fridgid wind stops, A moment of clarity, As Old Glory rests
Soft light warms the sky, Calm and quiet set the mood, The distant sunrise
A familiar place, Enjoy warm colorful skies, Under morning light
Enjoy nature's light, Race to catch the rising sun, Save it in a box
Enjoy nature's light, Race to catch the rising sun, Save it in a box
Narragansett, Rhode Island
Weatherbeaten stone, Warn mariners near and far, The mighty lighthouse
Nearing the day's end, Clouds softly filter the sun, A light for the dark
The sun bids adieu, Shadows fill the rocky shore, Warm light paints the sky
Standing on the edge, A welcome sign for captains, Bass Harbor Head Light
The Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island, RI.
The Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island, RI
The Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island, RI
The lonely lighthouse, Watching a quiet sunrise, Warm greetings of light
Life's an uphill climb, Choose a direction wisely, The path to greatness
The North Light- Block Island, RI
Gracefully aging, Since eighteen sixty seven, Good morning sunshine
Moods seem to lighten, Hearts fill with gentle color, Just before the storm
Now that you are gone, I realize your beauty, Like warm summer rain
Move the world's oceans, Influence thoughts and ideas, The beckoning moon
Darkness drifts away, Colors sing in morning light, The blue hour ends
Soft distant colors, Gently Caress clear blue skies, Pastels of morning
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